The problem with having a standout, ‘Look-at-me!’ kind of name, is the task of justifying having one. Thankfully, Cats and Cats and Cats do live up to the task, and then some. At North London’s The Lexington on a damp February Thursday, Cats x3 (I'm refusing to type Cats over and over again, feels like my fingers are stuttering) also prove what a tight unit they are in the flesh.

The evening, hosted by Hooked On Music, kick-starts with moody Finish grungers Joensuu 1685. If you were wondering how the term ‘Shoegaze’ came about, please just see this band; Absolutely transfixed by their footwear they were. A mass of foot-pedals, noise and face-covering hair; the way grunge should be. Seven piece and friends of Cats x3 A.Genuine.Freakshow impress hugely, the many members almost resembling a mini-orchestra onstage, with a Cellist, Violinist and Trumpet player. Rousing most definitely the word here, the Thom Yorke-esque falsetto vocals of Tim Sutcliffe match accordingly. One to genuinely watch out for. Headliners Cats x3 fuse a fine mix of math-rock with post-rock (Post-math-rock? Most Rock? Well why not, genre names are getting sillier…). Irregular time signatures and angular guitars keeps the audience captivated through their more epic sprawling journeys in tracks. Think half Tonto by Battles and half Don Cab, and you’re getting there. All being told, a noisy and energetic night; The kind that when you try to sleep in the quiet of night, you can only here a constant high-pitched screech of tinnitus. The last time you will here that frequency no doubt. Though a sign of a good gig, and most definitely worth it. Link: