Artist: Hot Gossip 
Release: You Look Faster When You Are Young 
Out: Now Buy Amazon If Hot Gossip came from the Midlands and not from Milan (Italy), and 'You Look Faster When You Are Young' came out in 2005, rather then now, these guys would have already played Glasto and all the major festival in the UK, they would have graced the cover of the NME at least 50 times and now would probably be a bunch of crack-heads, uselessly hanging out in Camden Town with their model girlfriends causing riots in pubs and messing with paparazzi and fans anytime. Or maybe they would be just completely forgotten following the same destiny of the likes of Razorlight, so maybe it’s better this way. You Look Faster When You Are Young is nothing new or ground breaking. When every punk-rock band is moving towards lo-fi pop-noise and krautrock, Hot Gossip stick to a polished refined radio-friendly guitar-y sound that may sound quite old and overheard to forward thinking music lovers and may notify a lack of creativity and a refusal to broaden up their music horizon. Or maybe they are just really clever and did that on purpose? After all there is no totally dreadful song on 'You Look Faster When You Are Young' – they are just boring - and there will always be fans of Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chief around to dance to Hot Gossip’s tunes and to go to their gigs (maybe). The intro lines to most of the songs are actually all pretty catchy and funky, upbeat and energetic. The verve and excitement fade tragically towards the middle of the tracks, but the good thing is that they are all so short that if you don’t pay too much attention to it, you might be lucky and not realize it. Still, as we said, Hot Gossip are from Italy, and we all know that down there trends arrive pretty delayed, so one praise for them is that they’ve managed to create an album with a defined style of their own. It’s unapologetic spiky indie-pop-rock done in the best British way (circa 2005) and considered their musical upbringing this is already something. (Right, I come from the very same town as Hot Gossip but, sorry guys, there’s no space for patriotic support in this review). Hot Gossip might be a good band, in their own Country, but I’m afraid they might go completely unnoticed in the UK, with so much competition from the likes of uhmm The Pigeon Detective and ermm The Wombats and all the “best” of the current crop of British mainstream indie bands. Of course, I hope they’ll prove me wrong, so that one day I could say out loud: “Hey, these folks are from Milan, exactly like me, see the good breed!” Track To Download: You Name It (the shortest and only instrumental) – What We Are Track To Skip: Cops With Telephones (the most praised one, still irritating and boring.) Pigeonhole with: Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chief and NME band, basically. Rating: 4/10