Label: Big Scary Monsters Release date: 11/05/09 Website: House Of Brothers have been compared to Fionn Regan. Really? Fionn Regan? Hmm. House of Brothers' second EP, the unimaginatively named Document 1, certainly has it's charms but isn't quite on a par with the scenic folk of Fionn Regan. Document 1 is one of those EP's that start so strongly only to fade into a something of a disappointment. Stand out track The Twilight Of Idols would be in everyone's ears if it had come from over the Atlantic, but it hasn't- Nottingham more like- and it will probably not receive the credit it deserves. Joseph Arthur would be proud of it's dark and haunting shuffling folk, sweeping it's way to a distant place, somewhere close to that authentic and natural sound they are so evidently searching for. It's the sort of sound that is usually combined with check shirts and beards, and it sounds magical. Opening track 'Document 1' sets the tone well, only to be outshone by 'The Twilight Of Idols'. The thick sounding chorus is emphatic, but only ends up showing Jackson's possible short comings as a vocalist. He goes from sounding like Stephen Fretwell, to Joseph Arthur to even Chris Martin meaning there's no real sound of his own and it's not as strong as his contemporaries. Document 1 takes a turn for the mainstream on Jennifer along with some Bon Iver layered vocals, and as the EP progresses it tries go darker into depths they don't really manage. To depths that don't need to really be gone to, 'Broken Blossoms' drags on without ever growing into what it could have become. Much like the EP as a whole. Rating: 6/10