It's been a terrible week for music. Less than a week ago the Beastie Boys' MCA passed away followed by the news that Death Grips have cancelled all tour dates to work on a new album. Hopefully a trip to Houses' debut London performance in the fashionable hangout that is the Lexington will lift my spirits. Though numbers are less than amiable to begin with this does not dampen the duo's mood who happily talk and pose for photos with fans. This is a band which truly enjoy the company of their fans unlike many bands who seem to almost shun them.

Support came from Amusement. who pulled off an energetic set with a sound reminiscent of post punk in the chillwave age. Singers Andrew Smith and Joseph Sigee's voices impressively smash high notes with ease. With some driving bass lines and erratic and bouncy synths the group pull off some superb nostalgic tunes. While having little to say for themselves that's no bad thing. Who wants to go to a gig and be lectured by the band anyway? Their closer 'Fall Over Your Tongue' is more infectious than the plague and far more pleasant for that matter.

After the tech on the stage is dismantled and replaced with a solitary laptop, Houses being with their self-titled debut album opener 'All Night' and a sea of calm washes over the room. Bathed in ethereal projections of colour, the band look comfortable in their skin. Megan Messina effortlessly sways like a ragdoll in the wind as she holds onto her mic stand and sings her breathy melodies. Houses feel no need for gimmicks and the two modestly run through songs with Dexter Tortoriello tapping madly on a launchpad. 'Endless Spring' brings the pace up slightly with a great beat and fantastically looped samples. 'Red Lines' really shows off Messina's vocal capabilities with her simple 'oh's going a long way to compliment the electronics and Tortoriello’s soothing tones. Proceeding to run through the set much like the album order, 'Soak it up' is easily a highlight with its modest beauty and boy/girl vocals. The new track Houses bring out shows extreme promise for album II which they reassure the audience will be out later this year. The pain experienced by the crowd when Dexter announces their set is coming to an end is a testament to what a great band Houses are live and on record. Pulling out a surprising cover of the Chemical Brothers' 'The State We're In' Houses bring their set to a brilliant and mellow close. Though I wish album tracks like 'Wash' had come out tonight I can't complain with the brilliant gig the two have performed. It's safe to say my mood about music has been thoroughly improved.