For every artist that trades on larger-than-life confidence, flouncing onstage neon-clad and pratting about like they're some kind of innovator, there is one that trades on their shy, down-to-earth appearance, usually brandishing an acoustic guitar and playing some form of neo-folk or experimental indie. Howard James Kenny is an artist of the latter variety, hailing from Worcester in the Midlands.

Single 'Insects' begins with echo and delicately picked guitar. Then soft choral voices join to sing notes in repeating patterns, before Kenny's voice is added to the mix, pure and soft as fresh-fallen snow. But there is only so much you can do with pure and soft, and this song is perfect proof of that. Just under four minutes of soporific sensitivity, 'Insects' is a little bit too tame. Lyrically, the song is crying out for something spectacular, but there is not much of note to catch the attention. It's definitely a pleasant song (and I much prefer the shy and sensitive type to their narcissistic counterpart), but 'Insects' is not a very interesting listen.