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Ever wondered how Lana Del Rey might sound fronting an indie-rock band, drained of Americana, yet remaining melodic and soulful? OK, you probably haven't, but perhaps you won't have to leave it to your imagination after listening to Howling Bells' fourth studio album.

The Australian ensemble's leading lady, Juanita Stein, is a dead ringer for Ms. Del Rey on the title track, but also on 'Reverie', an appropriately dreamy title to complete the comparison. At other times there is a glint of Goldfrapp's fragility on 'Euphoria', while the introduction to 'Tornado' has a rousing similarity to 'Wolf' by First Aid Kit, seeing Howling Bells hark back to their second album The Loudest Engine where they really folked things up. All this name-dropping serves a purpose (honest), it shows how the band actively seeks experimentation, allowing them to cover such an expanse in 10 tracks. This release is a quite psychedelic with a sad, scorned tinge, The Loudest Engine (2011) was a wander through folk, while Radio Wars (2009) saw a crab-step to an electronic persuasion.

The record performs an pleasing see-saw. Between a love-lost opening three tracks, it pivots around two surprisingly snappy, driven numbers in 'Slowburn' (the first single) and 'Tornado' which charges along like the soundtrack to an old Western and could easily have a few cracks of a whip in the background. The final five tracks tip back into a downhearted wistful retrospection similar to the opening but with a sense of progress and a temporary "euphoria" looking forward. Pacing was an overt decision for Stein: "I wanted this album to specifically have ten songs on it and no more - 'cause I personally start to lose interest after ten songs."

Juanita Stein's brother, Joel, is on guitar and the family connection might explain how they have managed to produce such a purposeful and concise set of songs. Heartstrings may be a rather trippy journey, but be assured, you are at all times with a capably lucid and extremely thoughtful driver.

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