HTRK were supposed to be playing this show with Martin Rev of Suicide, but the king of psychotic rockabilly could no longer make it. The Lexington was pretty subdued, probably the smallest crowd I've ever seen there, which in some ways took something away from the atmosphere that The Lexington usually holds so well, but in other ways it also provided quite a serene atmosphere which turned out to be entirely suitable for HTRK. They came out as they meant to go on - not riotous, not excited, just intent on making as much cold, abrasive, monotonous noise as they could. The singer Jonnine stood in front of a drum and she banged it with an industrial, cold hit. Her eyes transfixed on absolutely nothing; she looked absolutely terrifying, but you could completely tell that she was lost in the music, in her own strange little way. As a fan of noise (and in particular, live noise) I was impressed, it delivered everything it should have, and I often found myself getting lost in the waves of shrill guitar and gothic droning vocals. This wasn't the greatest noise gig that I've attended, but they succeeded in so much as I felt sort of mentally and physically unstable during the gaps of silence between songs. A good noise band will suck you in and make you rely on the noise for stability; they make you forget that there is a world outside of the noise. Visit the band at