Let's go straight to third base: Too Young To Be In Love is the best degenerate teen gay sex heartbreak party record you'll hear this year and if you don't like it, you don't like any sort of music or fun. A quick Google image search will get you hot for Hunx & His Punx (or Punkettes as they are sometimes known) - the band led by Seth Bogart (ex of filthy electro lo-fi Californians Gravy Train!!!) are a smeared mass of nudity, leather, John Waters trash chic and semi-hidden erections. Musically they're a way-fun mess of trebly rock and roll and classic Spector-y girl group sass, the whole thing soaked in cheap booze, weak drugs, and strings of bad boyfriends.

Certainly, the first five songs make the case for some of the best music you'll hear, period. 'Lovers' Lane' nabs from both 'Be My Baby' (drumbeat) and 'Leader Of The Pack' (lyrical theme of poisoned love ending in death) to make a howling, mid-paced ramalama pitched somewhere between a ballad and a fight at a funeral. It also introduces the twin vocal outlets of the band: seedy, drawling and prone to dropping into bruised spoken word from Seth; matriarchal cooing from Shannon Shaw that sometimes tips into raw throated hollering fit to grace a Detroit Cobras record. They sound like a gang on 'He's Coming Back', which struts and sways like some indie disco angel. Where other retro-cool mainliners like The Loves turn gold into lead, this feels effortless and dirt cool.

'Keep Away From Jonny' maintains the lilting, almost accidental pop dynamics, squeezing its chorus into what feels like three separate, randomly flaring sections. You can sing along easier than breathing too. There's sass overload on 'The Curse Of Being Young', with the Punkettes jeering at Seth's mock teenage sulk, all bottom lip blubbing over a crippling lack of experience and heartbreak. Which rolls into the mass alleyway lament of 'Too Young To Be In Love' - all rock and roll dreams being captured in both opening lines ("Why won't you do it with me? / I wanna do it with you") and teary bar-room chorus. These are massive dollops of brilliance.

The rest of the record merely shimmers in throwaway pop excellence, far better than 90% of your crummy CD collection. Special mentions to 'Bad Boy' - a fiery belter with Shaw suddenly erupting with "I rode the Tunnel Of Love all alone!" - and 'Blow Me Away', which ends fun with wistful pleading and dead-eyed spoken word interludes. Like all before it, it means it all.

It's worth grabbing hold of albums like these before they dance away, land in the gutter, leave before morning. 'Too Young To Be In Love' is as colossally cool as a fridge-kept leather jacket. Buy 50 copies each time.