Label: Beggars Banquet Release date: 12/10/09 Website: Things are a-changing for I Like Trains. No longer do you need to fight with your spell-checker just to write their name, there are now even spaces, yes space, in their name instead of the old iLiKETRAiNS. Revolutionary, huh? Our very own Interpol (kind-of) have returned in the form of 'Sea Of Regrets,' typically dark and typically epic. Guy Bannister bares all in his slow deep tone while underneath him the soundscape grows and grows in a special fashion. The thick choral textures are unbelievable, impossibly impressive. At it's height it smothers Bannister but it doesn't matter, he's taken a back seat as the world around him erupts. They are a real force in all senses of the word, why these aren't so much bigger is a mystery. Rating: 8/10