Label: Too Pure Singles Club Release date: 18/01/2010 Website: I Was A King Myspace Norwegian noisemakers I Was A King release their new single and it opens with the crash of thundering drums colliding with 70s-punk guitar riffs that are insanely catchy. The distorted and warped vocals and immediate stop-start nature automatically bring to mind the likes of Pavement, but perhaps with a more affable sound like that of Weezer or early Ash. The song is concise, clocking in at just under the two and a half minute mark, but does find time for an ear-splitting and feedback-driven outro with detuned white noise filling the airwaves. Following this, there is an odd yet compelling psychedelic finish. So ‘Not Like This’ sounds something like if Dinosaur Jr had ever decided to cover My Bloody Valentine, Kind of a glorious but all-too-brief mess. But the best thing about this song? It reminds me of Gigolo Aunts ‘Where I Find My Heaven’ – that tremendous theme song from the much underrated 90s sitcom Game On. Rating 7/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!