Remember when you used to feel?


With their sophomore offering Baltimore’s Ponytail have put the clue in the title. Ice Cream Spiritual is bursting with childlike energy and enthusiasm. With stand out tracks like “G Shock” and “Celebrate The Body Electric” they evoke the kind of freedom you felt as a child upon getting to the highest branch of the tallest tree before you looked down and became afraid.

In a noise rock scene that’s been slowly stagnating for a while, that had certainly long since lost my attention, Ponytail breeze through feeling fresh and new, without being especially groundbreaking. I have a feeling Molly Sigel’s vocals will turn off as many people hearing this for the first time as they turn on. She screams and yells her way through songs uninhibited. You can almost see her bouncing around with a massive smile on her face and it’s because Ponytail sound like they are having so much fun that they feel so invigorating.


 I’ve read the Deerhoof comparisons and while I can appreciate why they were made I just don’t buy it, for me, this album hit in the same way as “Beautiful Seizure” by Volcano! The kind of album you play loud on your way home from work on a Friday like a shot of adrenaline.


Ice Cream Spiritual is the most fun I’ve had in my head in ages. I can only imagine and anticipate how much fun they are live.




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