Label: Buy Yourself & Dirty Release Date: 13/03/09 Link: www.iceseadeadpeoplecom Words by: Oliver Primus Angular/Art/Post/Punk!? These words, when mixed together, tend to mean different things to different people. For me it's the sort of music which, if done well, is amazing to hear. Just listen to The Argument by Fugazi or Power by Q And Not U for proof of that. The only problem is that the vast majority of bands that tend to go down this path are either a) bad b) cheap knock-off's of those bands or c) both. The latest band to try their luck is the awfully named Ice Sea Dead People with their new single 'My Twin Brothers A Brother'. This review could be really simple. I could just pick one of the options from my opening paragraph and be done with it, but unfortunately it's not that easy. For some reason I can't quite figure out if I like it or even if they fit any of my categories. I think while im in the zone of actually listening to the song I don't mind it. It's like a friend who you slightly annoys you but you don't mind hanging out with in small doses. You might have a coffee with that friend and they're cool but the next day if someone asked you what you liked about that person you probably wouldn't be able to answer. I'm not saying 'My Twin Brother's A Brother' is annoying, or even the B-Side 'BRRRRR',  but they both are pretty damn forgettable. Rating: 5/10