Scandanvian electronic-pop duo Icona Pop have been making waves across mainland Europe, blending modern electronic-pop tactics with a classic sense of melodic pop vocals. There is a swagger, but it's not all style over substance with Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo.

First track 'Nights Like This' starts off almost sounding a little too much like Lady Gaga's 'Just Dance' but fortunately the song goes off in it's own direction quickly. It has an uplifting vibe to it, big bass and a great Daft Punk-style synth loop, alongside a euphoric vocal melody in the chorus that starts the EP on a big high. Lyrically there is nothing new going on, but it's pop, it's for dancing to.

'Manners' is slightly more jerky, with hushed vocals in the verse before a kid-choir Sesame Street chorus. But it just isn't all that interesting, and the song doesn't break up or throw anything in the way to ease the monotony of it. While 'Lovers To Friends' is a standard fare radio pop song, it doesn't break any boundaries but it's still good fun.

The highlight of the EP though is last track 'Sun Goes Down' featuring New York duo The Knocks, it is the sleeper hit lying at the back of the EP. Harsher in tone, musical melody and vocals, it gets better with repeated listens. A march of digital trumpets flow in the background with a mean guitar riff while the girls declare they will be “waiting for you until the sun goes down." Where 'Manners' sounds like it is trying to hard to be an underground hit, 'Sun Goes Down' is a menacing force that doesn't outstay its welcome. Here's to hoping Icona Pop continue down in this direction in the future.