Label: Moshi Moshi Release date: 04/10/09 Link: Myspace Buy: Amazon Just because there are currently a lot of people who sound like Brian Wilson kicking around our stereos (for ‘stereos’ actually read ‘computers’, ‘iDocks’, or anything else that’s replaced the obsolete dinosaur Hifisaurus) doesn’t mean one or two of them can’t be any good. Kentucky lad James Friley, otherwise known as Idiot Glee, is one of them. These songs wash over you like a bath of warm water pumped straight from a ‘60s sonic well, understated but not lazy, accessible but not superficial, and charming but not saccharine. Lead single 'All Packed U'p fades in to the sound of a repeated chord (the only one in the song) emanating from something which sounds slightly vibraphoney but very cool. It’s in the lusciously harmonised vocal parts that the song really stands out: soaring chords are underpinned by lines which emerge as gently as they disappear some seconds afterwards, while all the while the minimal bass and drum parts keep things ticking over at ground level. Fans of Primary Colours will enjoy the Horrorsy moments where Friley’s tuning slightly slips, making for that weirdly sickening but also pleasant effect that sounds a bit like a tape that’s been left in a hot car too long. In 'Don’t Drink The Water', Friley goes even more minimalist, acting as his own a cappella backing group for the first minute and a half. When the rest of the instruments do come in, what might be considered bad playing in other tunes here creates a lazy summery vibe totally in keeping with the whole Idiot Glee aesthetic. Furthermore, the whole release sounds like it was recorded forty years ago to analogue, ignoring as it does our contemporary obsession with ‘perfect’ sound quality and mistake-free performance. Hopefully it won’t be too long before a full length album will bring this stuff out of the underground and into your stereo, if you have one. Photobucket