Although ILLLS may sound like the worst rap crew you've never heard, they are in fact a surf pop band is made up of two longhaired white boys from Mississippi.

Band members Jim Barrett and Steven Ross have been creating a buzz due to their disgusting video for first single 'Teeth'. It sees the band members cooking up some vaguely disgusting soup mixed with cigarette ash and then tucking in. The songs itself is an upbeat reverb tinged pop song; it has to be said that it does sound similar to Florida band Surfer Blood, but with definite stadium rock aspirations. In fact, elsewhere on the EP they sound nothing like the Florida band at all, as theirs is a more eclectic sound.

'Bathroom Floor' opens the Dark Paradise EP and is a punkier darker tune; you can hear influences from At the Drive In, Jay Reatard and even a more ragged My Bloody Valentine. The band comes into its own however on the mellower sounding 'Goods'. In a torrent of soothing feedback and synth, their true colours shine through. It sounds like the Horrors crossed with Bibio. Synths are punctuated by discordant riffs and the effect is a massive sounding chunk of sun drenched Indie.

Elswhere 'Where Will It Grow' begins as a dark, gloomy song made up of lazy ooh's and aaah's and backed by a lilting guitar until around 2 minutes it surprises by erupting into the most energetic thing on the EP. It contains a burst of frenetic riffing and the band touch on sounding like Glasgow Indie legends Orange Juice.

The 6 song EP ends with the anthemic 'Its Not Me', a quirky off-kilter sing- along finish. "I came for blood, but it’s not me," sings Barrett in a chucky verse filled with as many different sounds as you could imagine. The last 30 seconds is filled with a humorous chorus of discordant "lalala's" and leaves you wondering what the band is really about.

The Mississippi duo's nervous energy makes them a bit of an enigma and a group to watch in the future.