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Following on from the release of debut album Ghosts Of Then And Now back in February 2014, Ryan Hann aka Illum Sphere has struck again with a volley of mesmeric electronica.

Spectre Vex the eight track mini-album/EP from the co-founder of Manchester's seminal club night Hoya:Hoya, features fresh material, as well as remixes by electronic comrades Legowelt, Lone, multi-aliases Charles Manier/JTC (aka Dabrye) and UK bass-line king Zed Bias.

Lone's remix of the beautiful 'Embryonic' is a weave of dreamy melting electronica with piano-arpeggios that rise and fall like sun-kissed waves. The break-beat drum pattern, which heightens the weightlessness of the Shadowbox vocal, eventually powers-down leaving you with electro-nuances, angelic voices and goosebumps.

Our man Illum Sphere manages to give his own work a second glance too, dashing 'Love Theme From Foreverness' with dark analogue synths that sound straight out of Beverly Hills Cop and re-working 'Sleeprunner' so that it chugs along like a Casio charged steam-train.

Naturally the second remix of 'Sleeprunner' by the infallible Zed Bias is a real delight. Cosy synth wah's, underpinned by the sincerity of the steel drum and a cool 2-step beat take the ambiance of the track to cruising altitude in seconds. The haze of Bias induced electronica eventually breaks down into a wobbling bass line that struts up and down as if it were London Fashion week.

The title track manages to splice together crescendos of blade-runner-esque soundscapes with a pulsating bass synth and there are certainly elements here that throw up comparisons with German DJ Kris Menace and his album 'Idiosyncratic'.

Finally the two re-mixes of The Road by JTC and Charles Manier respectively make the mini-album an interesting amalgamation of new and old approaches to electronic music. The body of work seems to share an ethos with 20th century artistic and social movement 'Futurism', in that its emphasises is on the future.

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