Venue: Openluchttheater Bloemendaal Artist: Ilse DeLange Date: 06/06/09 Dutch superstar Ilse DeLange set foot upon planes to England, Sweden and eventually Los Angeles to record her eighth and latest album Incredible. Her sober ballads make room for a new mix of her well known country sound, pop and daring bits of rock. Multiple awards for this piece of artwork later, it is right about time for a proper introduction. With an invitation to DeLange's sold out show in the woods of upper-class Bloemendaal, I stepped into the world of this Dutch phenomenon. An almost Colosseum-like outdoors venue filled up with fans is something the singer deals with on a regular basis. Humble as she is though, DeLange comes running on stage with a rather cheeky smile and a fascinated stare into space. Having barely spoken, the fans go crazy solely over her appearance. Even more so when her powerful voice hits the atmosphere and the atmosphere hits back. 'A Broken Girl' has the honour of opening her album and with that her show. While a slightly deformed voice is used on the album version, live DeLange is surrounded by nothing but her own talent to sing her way to a rather rocking chorus. Preferable, if you ask me. The same rock influences can be heard on 'The Other Side', in which a cautious voice again leads us to a rocking chorus this time sung by a choir. Although the song tends to be repetitious the nice bridges, in which nothing but DeLange's voice can be heard, make it stand out none the less. It seems the singer enjoys singing something so unlike her previous work. Jumping, smiling and rocking out on her guitar DeLange drags her crowd into the happiness she obviously lives. Wild dancing on the narrow seats of the venue will forever be a part of the evening, just as DeLange's childlike enthusiasm. 'Okay, I promise I'll be more serious now', she shouts out after jumping on little steps that separate the stage from a water stream. The crowd can only laugh. However, more serious songs are indeed part of the album and her show. Her hit single 'Miracle', for example, sets the tone with a nice piece of genuine piano playing by one of her talented band members. An almost aggravated DeLange goes back to her musical roots and sings away her sorrows on both this new track and her older work. DeLange's bubbly personality can't be hidden for long, as the crowd is soon pleased with upbeat songs like her other hit single 'So Incredible' and her new released 'Puzzle Me'. 'Puzzle Me' contains that significant DeLange sound with well played instruments and a great mix of emotions, notes and melodies without turning into a mess. Something she's been renowned for, for over ten years, among the Dutch. Time for a change of scenery, Ilse?