Photographer: Tim Ferguson Website: Video: Click Here Video: Click Here Fullscreen slideshow: Click Here Links Incredible... A really electric and commanding performance in a venue that's really pretty terrible! The first two acts really had to fight hard to be heard... And lost... The venue is laid out in such an odd way that you get the least amount of people able who are actually able to see the stage, those that can't - shout amongst themselves as they drown their perceptions in drink... And then there are of course ventilation issues... Kristian, however, demanded attention of the entire room from the moment he walked on stage... You would never have known that this was his debut London show! He handled it all with aplomb. Do not miss seeing this guy live... It's a joy... Priceless... (And yes, his moniker is ironic!) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket