Almost exactly a month after the first time I wrote about Adebisi Shank for The 405, I caught their album launch with BATS in Whelans. I hadn’t seen BATS in as intimate a setting before, and holy shit it suited them. They’re not easy to pin down, genre-wise, but there’s some math, some post-punk and a lot of Converge-y hardcore in there, and they’re amazing live. All the more encouragement for Adebisi Shank to be on top of their game, I guess, and if anything this gig was even better than last time. They’ve added some really happy, fun sounding elements to their songs with the new album, especially with songs like 'International Dreambeat' (pretty much the perfect opening track for the album and the gig) and 'Genki Shank'. The gig finished with about half the venue crowding up on stage, and the guitarist and bass player (who now wears both a mask and a t-shirt with a picture of the mask, I approve) more or less forced to crowd surf as they finished. As I write this, you can still stream the whole album for free by clicking here! I highly recommend it.