To make a long story short: I love Nada Surf. They are one of the most fun, engaging, incredible bands to see live. More often than not, they hang around with the crowd after their set, they talk to their fans, and they'll go as far as stopping in the middle of a song when they see something's going on among their public. Not only are they aware of (and friendly to) their fan-base in spite of their 90's pop-rock star status, but they are flawless in the rendering of their songs, whether it be on a big stage or at a small festival. The latter is where I saw them last as they headlined at a festival comprised mainly of local bands on the shore of a lake, somewhere in Carinthia. Among other songs, were on the setlist: the new crowd favourite and Depeche Mode cover 'Enjoy the Silence' (from their last release If I Had A Hi-Fi), the upbeat 'Happy Kid' & 'Blankest Year', the bittersweet and intense 'See These Bones', and older, but always beautiful '80 Windows' and 'Killian's Red'. The experience was just as intense as I remembered it; here's a couple of photos to remember this evening by.