Venue: The Lexington Date: 09/08/10 A Photo-diary if you will of a raucous and rollocking show headlined by noise-pop types Sleigh Bells at The Lexington, with support from the impressive and equally frantic TEETH, whose debut single you can read about here Sleigh Bells showed why the generous acclaim for recent debut album Treats is more than valid, with a splendid and riveting set as the duo powered their way through the entire album, plus Alexis Krauss in screeching, manic and entertaining form. Synth-punk trio TEETH also won over the crowd as The Lexington slowly filled up to full-capacity; the word of the night being pure, unadulterated fun. Sleigh Bells Had the audience eating out of the palm SNARL SNARL Pt. II Stage dive attempt one by the hugely energetic and excellent Simon Whybray, drummer of TEETH, before ending up as a dull-thud on The Lexington floor... ...followed by a more successful attempt two... TEETH make some smiley new friends in the crowd TEETH Veronica So has a sit down before plunging into the audience... ...AND LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE ABOUT IT Ximon Tayki checks his Facebook, and adds smiley new crowd friends. Probably.