The year starts and you cannot keep up to date with all the new music coming out; half way through the year the bombardment of new music starts to slow and all the major releases are out. Which is why now is a perfect time to be issuing your first EP and introducing the world to Inc.

In a nutshell: Inc. are a duo consisting of brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged who hail from LA. Their sound on this offering is synth-pop with feathery-warped vocals, a category that seems to have taken over the new music scene, but the prominence of the percussion owes a lot to Prince. Inc. are therefore much more than a new band that can be easily pigeon-holed.

The brothers are well experienced, having spent years out of the limelight recording and touring with some of the biggest names in music: Elton John, 50 Cent, Pharrell Williams, and Beck to name only a few. An impressive and eclectic history of collaboration which bodes well.

The first track ‘Swear’ is a sultry, downtempo funk track whose hazy state is undoubtedly going to result in comparisons being drawn with Prince. This haze-funk continues in the second track ‘Heart Crimes’. It’s a mellow and sultry sound that is satisfyingly self-indulgent. ‘Millionairess’ follows suit, but also offers a more obvious infectious drum beat, and ends with a sensual saxophone and a twinkling piano to leave us wanting more...

Their debut EP ‘3’ is perfectly timed and the three track taster is perfect for whetting listeners’ appetites without bombarding them with a whole album worth of music.