Last night the politically minded people of London descended upon the legendary Boogaloo bar in Highgate to talk consumerism with an esteemed panel of debaters, which happened to be Ken Livingstone, Polly Styrene (X-Ray Spex) and Laura Manuel (Reverend and the Makers). The whole idea of the night was to encourage debate about consumerism. This was achieved by having ten tables placed around the the room with a different topic of discussion placed smack down in the middle of each table. The people around the tables would form a question to put foward to the panel. At the end of the night the judges would pick their favourite questions and those people would win a camera. The ultimate question was given a special gig in their house by Carl Barat, Drew McConnell and Jon McClure. To be honest I was mainly there to see Fionn Regan perform after the debate but I can honestly say that the night was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was refreshing to see a younger audience participate in an honest/passionate fashion about all manner of political topics. Of course at times it was very funny, especially when the extremely funny host piped in with his comments, but it never felt dumbed down. In terms of the panel I was surprised by Laura Manuels comments the most. Everyone knew that Ken would give a pretty good performance but I didn't think Laura would have much to say if I'm being honest. That's not a sexist opinion but more a slur on the band she's in. As soon as the debate finished they pushed the tables to one side and got a few musicians to play. First up was a politically minded protest singer who's name escapes me. It was a bit messy really and I couldn't understand what he was saying, which is a mortal sin for someone that bases their music around the strength of their lyrics. Though to be fair that was more to do with people chatting away during his songs than his vocal abilities. Next up was Sam Duckworth of Get Cape fame. He was much better than the previous performer but vocally he struggled at times. I think it's the lack of a full band that highlights his weaknesses. Either way it was an enjoyable set. Last but definitely not least was the amazing Fionn Regan. I've been waiting to see him perform for a very long time so to see him in that environment was incredibly pleasing! He only played a short set but during that time he managed to silence the crowd entirely by his dleicta vocals and intricate guitar lines. It was also really great to hear a couple of new songs. So there we have it. Another classic night at Boogaloo! If you want to find out more about Instigate Debate head over to and also remember to check out the Boogaloo via