Label: Hit Club Release date: 18/01/10 Website: ‘When O’ When’ opens with an inconspicuous and grounded folky sound, but it’s not a sign at all of what is to come. A minute passes fairly flatly before the vocals truly kick in over the acoustic guitar and increasingly captivating keyboards. Still remaining relatively quiet for the next half a minute, the singing slowly becomes more distorted and filthy electro beats gradually come to the fore. After this, a transformation occurs to an almost entirely different sound with new funk beats harmonising with the London indie-boy vocals. A persistent singalong of the title then follows. Despite the electro sound, ‘When O’ When’ still has a skiffle feel bringing to mind the likes of Mystery Jets or The Coral. However, when Is Tropical hit their stride, they could easily sit alongside a record shelf alongside Delphic – but more open-minded. Chaotic and uncompromising, it’s a mystery as to what corner they will turn next. Packing as many ideas in to a 5 and a half minutes as some bands manage in an album, the scratchy distorted production just adds to the glorious DIY feel of the song. The band have not used up all their ideas with ‘Seasick Mutiny’ showing they still have plenty of ideas in their overstuffed locker, as it’s an appealing yet challenging almost-instrumental song. It’s full of relentless riffs and attention-grabbing samples. Fuzzy but clever, Is Tropical are bringing fresh ideas to the table and after hearing this track, you wonder ‘When O’When’ will we get to hear more from them? Rating 8/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!