Label: Unsigned Website: When I first heard this I tried hard but couldn’t get into it. I felt the vocals were smothering the music like big dollops of tomato ketchup over what could be a tasty and nutritious dinner. I really liked the slide guitar and piano in Cowboy, I enjoyed the slightly French pop sound of Aeroplane. Finally though I gave up trying to work my way through those affected vocals and stopped listening. But it wouldn’t let me go that easily and those catchy little vocal hooks stayed with me. I started humming them. And now I’m glad I came back to it to finish writing this review. I’ve somehow found myself hearing into the songs holistically and where before they seemed unequally balanced all the elements now sit together more harmoniously. It’s a good thing too because it’s actually a pretty enjoyable bundle of tunes. I think I would have liked a change from the somewhat plodding tempo at some points but hey, I like dirge too so I’m not going to complain too hard. I still think the vocals are a bit affected and I don’t feel the emotions sung about as much as some other earlier country artists but ultimately that slide guitar is what won me over. Rating: 6/10