Despite the name, there isn't any apparent occult leanings to be found on the debut from this pan-European band of French and Italian musicians. Instead they're more interested in psychadelia, nostalgia and making lots of noise.

Sick of Love is to The Seeds what 'Psychocandy' is to the Ronettes, a homage of sorts, contorted out of recognition by jarring feedback and slow sludgy guitars. If grunge could have been developed in the 1960s, it would sound something like this.

Much like Psychocandy,Sick of Love can be somewhat overbearing at first, the sheer brashness of the noise is overwhelming and unless you've been exposed to years of My Bloody Valentine and other bands that like to experiment with forms of ear torture, you'll need to lie down from time to time or just listen to something soft and gentle for a moment, like Bobby Goldsboro.

The inspiration for their sound is wide-reaching, numerous, and not exactly difficult to figure out. There's more than a few clues abounding that will point in various directions. Mainly; most of the American alternative rock of the nineties as well as a sizable chunk of sixties rock from both sides of the Atlantic. The familiarity of the music is an inescapable part of the album

While J.C. Satan never manage to escape the considerable shadows of their myriad influences, there's times when the songs here still shine through. Even the band's noisiest, dirtiest efforts are still rooted in tried and tested pop formula and the results are often rewarding. 'Prehistoric Love' is notable for it' simplicity and chorus so huge it could mortally wound King Kong.

'Morning After Loveâ' half-cribs a Beatles riff (You Can't Do That, anyone?) and works it into an impressive piece of shimmering reverb-heavy guitar pop. Nothing especially new about that, but it sounds good all the same. The word "love" features in no less than four song titles here, which suggests that the principal songwriters are pretty hung up on something, probably romantic, but it's not as if you can really hear what they're singing about anyway so it might just be a red herring. That isn't important here at any rate, they want to kill your ears with some loud as hell guitar pop. You could do a lot worse.