Another year, another major Audioantihero release. The DIY label welcomes Ex-Hefner and folk icon Jack Hayter. And rejoice people, because, after almost nine years, Mister Jack is back for good.

Sucky Tart EP (whose cover is designed by Antihero Bnenjamin Shaw) an anagram of the opener '[I Stole The] Cutty Stark', is made of 4-tracks filled with melancholy, crackling noises and pretty, quiet guitars. '17:49' where nostalgia, regrets and ghosts of lost love all collide in beautiful songs ('Jacquie I Won't Mind' five minutes of pure folk perfection) and tales of broken hearts. ("You've got the last face that I want to see and his are the last hands I want laid upon me" Jack sings on 'A Simple Song'). Clever, sweet-and-sour, moving and one of the first major releases of the year for sure. Welcome back Mr Hayter.