It would be unfair to characterise James Blake solely as a melancholic musician. The Enfield artist has proven himself as one of the UK's most forthright thinking producers and songwriters of the past decade with his two full lengths and various side projects such as 1-800 Dinosaur. The 'surprise' third release The Colour In Anything rarely wanders away from convention instead enhancing every aspect James has mastered in his career thus far.

'The post-dubstep opener 'Radio Silence' relies heavily on looping, a technique that Blake utilises during his immersive live performance, electronic twitches and glitches once again reflect the temperament and tone of this anxious musician. The chorus is a momentous synth structure as the echoed and eerie cries of a wounded protagonist meet the deeper, resolved soulful undertones while gloomy drones and sirens whir overhead.

This album is a lengthy affair however its pace and tracklist has been devised to present seventeen tracks as one entity, one body of work. Breaks in the experimental sounds of 'Timeless' and 'My Willing Heart' are found through 'f.o.r.e.v.e.r'. James dismisses the electronic for piano key and those sublime, intangible vocals that are at once so minimal and so compelling. The 1-800 guest mix of 'I Hope My Life' tease the electronic abilities in James' repertoire with an incredibly sleek pace, ready to supercharge a setlist. His recent writing credit and vocal guest spot for Lemonade surprised most yet 'Waves Know Shores' and 'Love Me In Whatever Way' demonstrate new heights in his sombre, stirring writing and would easily meld with the silky style of Ms. Carter.

Stateside success also materialises on 'I Need A Forest Fire' as a chilling, scintillating appearance from Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame lifts the album to an impossible mid-height, their wholly individual voices merge in perfect matrimony. Blake's sound has not altered over his three albums and I believe this is because the music is both an encapsulation and extension of his personality. It's an introspective, at times hesitant collection yet in the way most introverts allow themselves to relax within company, the more time you invest in The Colour In Anything the more readily you will discover its qualities.