Despite not being the biggest fan of Japandroids, their live reputation will always precede them, and as a result I couldn't resist going to see them when the opportunity arrived. Green Door Store is one of the better venues in Brighton as well, and, with the show likely to sell out, the atmosphere promised to be incendiary.

Supporting them tonight was Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon with his producer Kuhree-oo, who also plays with Born Gold. Perhaps not playing to the most receptive of crowds, Cadence Weapon's stage presence and charisma threw the audience over to his side. Their set, while short and sweet, was perfectly delivered with the thudding lines of 'Jukebox' particularly impressing.

Japandroids, kitted out in the usual skinny attire, looked sweaty and pumped before the even played a note. "Born to play the part" is a tired phrase that get's used far too much but it's certainly the case for Brian King and David Prowse, who really do look and act like they were born to shred guitar and pound drums on stage.

Roaring through their extended set (they played from 9pm pretty much until the curfew of 10:30) they launched into each song with the same boundless and infectious energy, which rubbed off on the crowd who played their part, intently watching and moving to the sounds from the stage. It was impossible to get bored - the passion and sense of fun emanating from the stage hooked everyone in the crowd. Fortunately, however, the crowd were not as rowdy as the last time they played Brighton when they got handed a £500 bill for damages after the crowd enjoyed themselves a bit too much...

I'm not sure what else I can say about Japandroids, other than begging you to go and see them. I need to give them more time (YouTube and Spotify are fantastic tools but nothing compares to actual physical products) but in the mean time, love them or hate them on record, go and see them live. It's unmissable.