Artist: Japandroids Release: Post-Nothing Out: Now! Buy: Amazon Had your fill of alt-folk acts? Just about enough of 80s tinged electronic pop? Try this recipe... Take two Canadian chaps (Brian King and David Prowse), add one electric guitar (turned up rather loud - to about 11), mix in a drum kit (that gets the shit beaten out of it), sprinkle in a good handful of distortion and feedback and glaze with a nice catchy chorus or two. Toss in some simple lyrics about good times and girls... Pop the mix into your ipod/stereo and leave it there for about 37 mins or so... What you'll get is the debut offering from Vancouver duo Japandroids. Whilst the name may conjure up images of this being a remedy to something quite different (!!) their album, Post Nothing, is the perfect antidote to today's alt-folk movement that seems to be fast approaching saturation point. It's gritty and it's lo-fi. It's under-produced and fuzzy. It's intense and it's raw. It's a straight up garage-punk rock album...It's catchy... and it's... Well, it's noisy. But, more than any of that though, It's. Really. Fucking. Good. Post Nothing comes out of the traps at a hundred miles an hour from the opening fuzz that leads into the riff of 'The Boys Are Leaving Town' (which thankfully, is not a Thin Lizzy pastiche as I had initially thought on seeing the track listing). This gives a good feel for what the album is about to herald. It kicks off with only a handful of really straightforward lyrics (i think that there are only two lyrics in the entire song, "The Boys Are Leaving Town/Will We find Our Way Back") which are yelled over some oddly catchy distorted noise. Things are off and running... This is followed up with 'Young Hearts Spark Fire' by which time the record is in full flow and you are well on your way to becoming a fan. Again, lyrically the song is not exactly Dylan-esque but the sentiment is purely focused on good-times so it doesn't really matter. The chorius "We used to dream / But now we worry about dying / I don’t want to worry about dying / I just want to sing about those sunshine girls" rather than being sung sweetly in falsetto, is yelled at the top of their lungs and somehow it still works... Being honest there's not much fat on this album, each track offering something, 'Sovereignty' was probably my favourite track on the record with a chorus that will have you singing along and dismissing the weather in Vancouver... This is really what this album is about. It's clear that this duo are having some fun doing their thing and they want to let everyone know about it... There is an energy on this record that has been missing on so many others in recent times. Japandroids' formula is simple yet full sounding, particularly for a two piece act... As previously mentioned, lyrically this album is sweetly simple. There are two key themes that pop up throughout each of the 8-tracks... Girls (I Quit Girls, Young Hearts, Wet Hair etc etc) and Drinking (every track)... This may sound rather dubious but the sheer catchiness of the and delivery of it all will win you over. Have a listen to 'Young Hearts Spark Fire' here then go buy the record! So instead of slurping away at another helping of whimsical alt-folk soup why not try some Japandroids? It's so good I think that you might just come back for seconds... 9/10 Track To Download: 'Soveriegnty' Track To Skip: 'Crazy/Forever' Pigeonhole with: Jesus and The Mary Chain, Sonic Youth Twitter Review: Need an antidote to Alt-Folk/Electro Pop? This is It! Japandroids' debut is loud, distorted and catchy. It's also really rather excellent.