Label: Infinity Cat Website: Jeff the Brotherhoodis an, hopefully intentionally, incredibly cheesy callback to the days of old-school, flailing, long-haired rock. They describe themselves as “psychedelic punk grunge” so perhaps it's this mish-mash of genres which have well and truly passed their heyday that makes it at once adorable and unbearable. Ridiculous reverb, epic shreddage, wobbly keyboard, and minimal sense-making all round. 'U got the Look' is a fun and fast-paced, short and shouty kind of love song, which feels far more substantial 'The Tropics', despite being a full minute shorter. 'The Tropics' by contrast is a let down, a rather wobbly prog-metal ballad, if such a thing can be said to exist. Sadly with the latter they miss the 'so bad it's good' mark and simply sound like some dudes making “heavy” music in their garage with whatever knowledge of life experience they happen to have. Which, ironically, they are. Jeff are quite literally two brothers from Nashville Tenessee, which makes the sheer amount of noise produced impressive in itself. Not fantastic, but very good fun: in fact it's a strange mixture of silly and sincere, but they seem to be aware of this, which makes it far more bearable. Definitely nothing new, but attacked with a brutal energy which is in itself inspiring, although I may never forgive them for choosing to spell 'you' as 'U'. Photobucket