This takes the term tree house to an entirely new level. We all have played Jenga at one point in our lives, but it seems Sou Fujimoto was inspired enough by the game of wooden blocks to fashion a house in the trees very reminiscent of the game. The crisp lines and soft color of the house provides a sanctuary in the mountains where this home has been fashioned. "There are no categorization of floors, walls, and ceilings here. A locality that was thought to be a floor transforms into chairs, ceilings, and walls from different perspectives. Floor levels are relative and people reinterpret the spatiality according to where they are." says Fujimoto "People are three-dimensionally distributed in space and will experience new sensations of depths. Spaces are not divided but are rather produced as a chance occurrence within fusing elements. Inhabitants discover various functions within those undulations. It is a place akin to nebulous landscape." Read more here