Release Date: April 7th 2009 Label: Nettwerk Website: On the forefoot of her forthcoming second album, Transmitter Failure, Jenny Owen Youngs is due to release an EP titled ‘Led To The Sea’ that promises to deluge the lips of her fans with excitement as to what is to come. Proving that Jenny isn’t only proficient in absconding acoustic ambience in her wake, Led To The Sea enthuses electronically layered soundscapes, consisting of the usual band set-up of base, electric guitar, beats, plus interludes of strings, synth’s, horns, flute, glockenspiel and more, with her already loved vocal and song writing capability, creating an ambience so full of intrigue and depth that one cannot help but anticipate Transmitter Failure with a child like anticipation. Look out for our review of Transmitter Failure on the next couple of months. It is due for released on the 26th of May and I, personally, am thoroughly looking forwards to it. Find out more about Jenny Owen Youngs: Facebook: Myspace: Twitter: