Release Date: 20th October 2008 Label: Transgressive Link:

If you were a fan of Jeremy Warmsley’s first album, The Art of Fiction, you might notice a change of direction on his second album – less whimsical alt. folk, more guitar driven, drum machine toting indie-pop. Opening with recent single ‘Lose My Cool’ it starts as it means to carry on, with fast paced literate pop backed by forceful bass and guitars. Title track ‘How We Became’ is a sweeter, less brutal affair, all oohs and aahs over sparse drum machine patterns. ’15 Broken Swords’ could fit easily onto the end of ‘Art of Fiction’ but is a little below normal Warmsley quality. Luckily, it’s followed up with ‘Dancing with the Enemy’, a lilting piano-led piece of gold that will get stuck in your head for days, guaranteed.

By far the most disappointing though, is ‘If He Breaks Your Heart’, a beautiful song at the core but here ruined with too much going on. When Warmsley performs this with just a guitar and his voice it’s the most heart breaking (ironically enough) thing in the world but in this form there’s just so much to concentrate on that that effect is completely dissolved. Closer ‘Craneflies’ picks up some of the pieces in true Warmsley style, with ambitious vocal melodies and beautifully played piano to warm the heart after a bitter disappointment.

If you’re lucky enough to get the album with its bonus CD, you’ll also have the pleasure of hearing Jeremy’s cover of New Order’s ‘Temptation’, which is a dance floor killer if ever there were one.