Justin Broadrick's new album under the Jesu moniker will be a welcome return to old fans, as well as a good jumping on point for anyone who has yet to hear his haunting soundscapes, providing they've got a decent attention span. Infinity is one fifty minute track and it perfectly encapsulates everything that Broadrick has done so far under the Jesu title. From drum machine beats layered over with chugging guitars and gruff vocals to feedback squall underpinned by gently plucked guitars to slow grooved out doom metal. Infinity delivers on all fronts. It's interesting that Broadrick has released the song as one piece as it could easily have been broken up into separate tracks. I can only guess at the reason why he would do this, to be sure that the listener takes in the music as it is intended, as one whole piece of music. The director David Lynch, someone I could easily imagine having Jesu score a film for him, does with his films when released on DVD. He doesn't allow them to have chapters so that the viewer must watch the whole film from start to finish, rather than dipping in and out where they feel like it. This adds an extra layer to the music because you have to be sure you devote the time you need to fully experience the music, something which shows more of a willingness on the part of the listener to give themselves over to it, and allow themselves to fully experience the music. I'd recommend listening to this alone, in a darkened room where you can hear every change in tempo, and nuance of the soundscapes that Jesu has created. You wont be disappointed. Rating: 8/10