JMSN's new album It is. follows on closely from last year's self-titled full-length. Swathes of strings and wailing soulful vocals fill this release from wall-to-wall. It's more of the same, winning formula which has grown JMSN a substantial online fanbase.

Hailing from Detroit but now based in the City of Angels, JMSN (aka Christian Berishaj) produces the kind of music Justin Timberlake would have made if he'd spent time on lazy beaches by day and smoky bars by night instead of body popping in NSYNC. All silky orchestral movements, ad-libbed vocal coos and jam session breakdowns - It is. marks the most fully realised project in JMSN's career to date.

JMSN hasn't had the mainstream cut through in the UK which is a crime when artists with a tenth of his talent get mainstream radio play every hour. He even featured on four tracks on Kendrick Lamar's earth shattering debut album but JMSN is strictly under the radar. His music is criminally easy to listen to with its sultry versatility. Lead single 'Cruel Intentions' has the backroom-recorded vocal stylings of his earlier work with the warm instrumentation combining for a perfect meshing of styles.

With a stricter producer or record label exec looming behind him, JMSN could be honed into a 3-minute 'Can't Feel My Face' kind of product as he alludes to on 'Juice (Interlude)'. An energetic voice talks about how they'll bring in a vocal coach and writers to make money on this guy from Detroit. It's clearly a joke as JMSN doesn't need this polish, but it does plant the thought of 'How far could this guy go if we sold out?'

'Hypnotized' is an album highlight, as JMSN and a female guest vocalist work in tandem and take it to the next level on 'Fantasize' which operates as a part 2 to 'Hypnotize' in a more chilled and sparse tone. These two songs are a nice counterpoint to the busy natural instrumentation found on the rest of the album.

Second single 'Most Of All' is another real highlight with a lot of the extra noise of the first half of the album stripped away. The second half is allowed space to breathe with the strings given space to resonate around JMSN's voice rather than clamouring to be heard. And JMSN's voice is one that deserves to be heard as this is R&B done with personality and an identity all his own. This is straight up great music.