Label: Transgressive Release date: 16/08/10 Link: Myspace Let’s start things off with a spot of negativity: Johnny Flynn will probably never get the recognition he deserves. And why? He’s the quiet man of the so-called new folk scene. His understated, shy minstrel persona hasn’t found the Radio 1-baiting audience enjoyed by the likes of Mumford & Sons, or the showers of awards and critical acclaim thrown at Laura Marling. He has, however, produced some of the most beautifully cryptic and enigmatic music in these post-Larrikin Love times we live in, weaving all manner of fables, poems (he cites W.B. Yeats and Shakespeare as influences) and fairytales into his music. Barnacled Warship is built on an insistent cello riff and a prancing viola that Owen Pallett would be proud of. Flynn’s endearingly soft-spoken nature falls away whenever he performs; his voice wraps and curls around the instruments like he’s singing a sea shanty on a fishing boat in the build-up to a storm. It soars with an inspiring and dramatic beauty, and, crucially, never once resorts to the histrionics or pots-and-pans-bashing insanity of some of his contemporaries. Sure, there’s a charming eccentricity to all of Flynn’s work, but it never feels forced or cynically constructed to be ‘quirky’. Flynn’s charisma comes from the humble persona that morphs into the powerful (and genuine) joy he so obviously gets from sharing his music with the rest of us. Fingers crossed the supporting role on the upcoming Mumford tour will finally get Joe Public interested. Photobucket