Label: Best Before Release date: 8/02/2010 Website: Johnny Foreigner release the third single from their sophomore album ‘Grace And The Bigger Picture’. Available for download and as a limited edition physical 7’ release, ‘Every Cloakroom Ever’ is a song that’s a live staple of their shows and has been around in various forms years. The track shows a slightly fresh direction for the band, whilst still retaining the DIY indie-punk aesthetics that they have gained such a dedicated cult following for. Starting off slowly with bassist Kelly Southern given the chance to showcase her sweet vocals at the forefront over some calculated, ticking drums, this is an unexpected but pleasant change as her backing vocals can sometimes get a little lost in the frenetic chaos of JoFo’s world. However, it takes just 15 seconds for a short burst of Alexei Berrow’s guitar to remind you of the band you are actually listening to. A little later his vocals come in stating: “I think this city’s a mess”, an honest, grounded theme that resounds through many of their songs. Despite this, the words and sounds are more hopeful, with the resounding final notes seemingly offering advice it would be churlish to ignore: “Don’t doubt yr worth”. Photobucket What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!