Label: Best Before Records Release date: (22/06/09) Website: Everyone’s favourite yelping Brummies (nah, not the Osbournes) are back in the shape of Johnny Foreigner, with a lovely little song about that season called summer. Smart timing, with the weather actually feeling like summer, and of course with festival season underway. That’s all very well and good, but what does Feels Like Summer actually sound like? Well, more of the same really, and for those of you who know and love last years debut Waited Up Til It Was Light, that is certainly no bad thing. Right from the very first second, it grabs you by your ear lobes and hoists you up off the ground like a playground bully, with “Some summers – some summers” excitably screamed in your face; the hyperactive track is immediately catchy from first listen. At less than two minutes long, it’s shorter and more compact than any previous material leaving the listener no time to breath, a total ADHD whirlwind. This is heightened by essentially no chorus existing – ‘Some summer’ just being shouted at points throughout the song. It’s got summer anthem written all over it. Also of note is the thick, charging bass line that is a strong presence before all hell breaks loose. With a new, mysterious untitled album just around the corner, this sonic miniature is a great teaser for things to come. Have a listen for yourself on the link below! Rating: 8/10 MP3: Johnny Foreigner- Feels Like Summer