Artist: Johnny Foreigner

Single: Salt, Pepper and Spinderella

Release Date: 8th September 2008

Label: Best Before



As summer anthems go, ‘Salt, Pepper and Spinderella’ may not be the likeliest but it’s certainly one of the best 2008 has to offer. An ode to living in the moment and having a good time, Johnny Foreigner’s carefree attitude coupled with one of the calmest musical landscapes the Birmingham trio have created makes this single one of the highlights from their debut album, ‘Waited Up ‘Til it Was Light’.


Towards the end of the track, singer Alexei Berrow weaves his poetic touch through the medium of spoken word before bringing the song to a crashing crescendo. The penultimate line of Berrow’s narrative makes the demand of “Bring out the real fun”. I guess you can always count on JoFo to do that.

Rhian Daly