Label: Asthmatic Kitty Release date: 25/01/10 Jookabox MySpace Indianapolis, home of racing, racial tension, and part of the Rust Belt – a great place to raise a musician up. With these pressures and influences (and their huge ability to provide serious influence), it’s no wonder that Indianapolis one-man-band-turned-full-band Jookabox have made an album that centers around the feelings of tension and pressure, starting as a plea and ending as a fight. Startling at it is, an insistent overdriven four the floor mercilessly pounds away for the opening track ‘Phantom Don’t Go,’ which sets up the thesis statement of the album. Finding peace with ghosts, the fight against dead zone boys, and Adamson’s distinct voice all combine for an impressive opener. However, for all the merits of the track, the kick drum and clicking effects make for a slightly fatiguing sound Partner track ‘Don’t Go Phantom’ is pure infectiousness. A pitch perfect sped up voice, thick fuzz bass, and a simple drum beat turn in the second most impressive song of the disc (only ‘Glyphin’ Out’’s crazy Ween-meets-Animal Collective-meets-God knows what stomp outperforms this track). ‘Glypin’ Out’ ends the combo supreme of that track, ‘Gonna Need The Guns/Doom Hope,’ and ‘East Side Bangs/East Side Fade.’ All three songs heavily recall the sturm und drang of the ‘80s scene (and a small dose of Tom Tom Club), which is presumably when the album takes place. It is also probably safe to presume that ‘Zombie Tear Drops’ marks the overtaking by the dead boys, and ‘Light’ is Adamson’s song about attempting to keep them at bay. Closing expletive masker ‘F.I.T.F. #1’ marks the album as very possibly a dream or an acid trip through the mind of a boombox. Either seems like a good answer. Dropping the Grampall from their name seems like a good idea - Jookabox have an album that almost switches every song, like a well-programmed automatic disc jockey should. I had no preconceptions of the band’s sound, and while I feel a little gypped out of what I expected, I’m happy with what was presented. Rating: 7/10