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Unapologetically spilling drama, Josef Salvat's long-awaited debut full-length Night Swim ranks him as a must for an album to get you in the mood. His sensual anti-love songs stand strong with teasing lyrics and skittering electro beats.

Since dazzling the world with his moving rendition of Rihanna's 'Diamonds', Mr Salvat joined the reigns of the contemporary pop stars tearing up the radio rulebook. This is dark, cinematic pop that reveals more as you listen.

"Take off your clothes, the water is warm..." sheer vocals lush throughout the title song, washed with hints of melancholy but edged with rebellion. The slow moving, understated title track intoxicates with controlling simplicity. Where we find melodic familiar tracks, the tropically cheeky recent single 'Paradise', gospel-tinged 'Every Night' and sultry 'Shoot and Run', they slot into place in the complex full length.

While surprisingly bright and bold synth-pop tracks 'The Days', 'Constant Runners', 'Open Season' seem honeyed on the outset, they explore depth with juicy layers. Lurking beneath the covers, fan favourite 'Hustler' nestles as an intensely emotive moment. We're introduced to a hustler character that questions masculine ideals with powerful soul and a rhythm that moves like a creature of the night. Swaggering with casual coolness, even the most intense of songs, 'Till I Found You', 'Punch Line', breathe an air of cool. Striking strings are perked with the late night carelessness of lust.

Night Swim is a glossy, rich collection of moving songs conjured from euphoria and a broken heart. Salvat bares all in epic choruses, flourishing his electro-soul comfortability with teetering vulnerability. "Nothing to hide but everything to prove." You'll want to jump in the deep end.

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