Label: Anticon Release date: 29/03/10 Website: Myspace Up until a couple of days ago I was inclined to agree with a user who, upon the Josiah Wolf artist page had daubed the words: “Sorry, Josiah, your little bro does it better.” Now I realise my own foolishness for Jet Lag is a record of deceiving depth and tranquil pop music. It is definitely not the Magic Pencil soundtrack I thought it was but a few days ago. Imagine if Francois Truffaut hadn’t been a new wave director of the 50’s and 60’s but was instead destined to pour his childlike naivety into a pop record. Well this would be how that would sound. Jet Lag is the Les Mistones of pop records. And essentially that’s what this record is – a pop record. A pop record in the sense of pop records made by such people as Kimya Dawson, solo or with Adam Green in The Moldy Peaches. What Josiah adds to the mix is a dreamlike fuzz carried throughout the album and whilst the lyrics at times seem almost throwaway and pale in comparison to his brother the wordsmith, the gentle hum of the record and Josiah’s subdued vocals make listening a somewhat ethereal experience. For instance on the song ‘The Opposite of Breathing’ whilst some of the lyrical output is quite poor (although Thomas Edison with seven heads to come from the sea conjures some humorous imagery) the gentle, swooning accompaniment is what makes the song. ‘Master Cleanse (California)’ which precedes the aforementioned song is perhaps the most refined and stripped back effort on the album. One important thing to note is how much the chorus of California/What have you done to me? sounds extremely similar to the song ‘January Twenty Something’ off main project WHY?’s last album. Wolf shows that whilst his brother and frontman, Yoni, may get most of the praise most, he's just as integral to the success and popularity of WHY? The biggest compliment I could pay this record is by telling you to ignore Josiah’s connections with WHY? and appreciate this record as its own entity. For me, this is a grower of a record and it may yet still grow on me. I can already appreciate the witticism of ‘The Apart Meant’ (My apartment smells like divorce) and the wonderful tenderness of ‘Ohioho’ but I get the feeling this record will open up more to me with time. I just urge you to not be as judgemental as I or that bloke off Photobucket