Label: Manimal Release date: 26/07/10 Link: Official Website You may know Juliette Commagère as the keytar-tickling front-woman of Hello Stranger - that is, if you've actually heard of the band. For those of you who haven't (As I hadn't) they're a bouncy and largely forgettable indie-pop band from Los Angeles. Thankfully though, as the title may suggest, 'Eats From the Inside' is of a slightly different ilk. With a love for the classical as well as the modern Juliette has brought together synths, strings and brass in an attempt to create a brooding atmosphere suited to her introspective lyrics. The overall result is a stormy pop song with shades of Kate Bush, Imogen Heap and Tangerine Dream. However, it's not an uninhibited success. Admittedly, I'm not particularly fond of any of the aforementioned artists, but, this aside, 'Eats From the Inside' is just lacking a bit of – Please, forgive me - bite. With such a varied array of instruments you might expect a great deal of depth to the song, but it quite often sounds flat and overly restrained. It's a real shame because there is something here, it just hasn't truly shown itself. Photobucket