Label: Illegal Art Release date: 22/03/10 Website: Myspace Attention sample fiends: Junk Culture may have outdone you. On his EP, West Coast, Deepak Mantena shows his place on the Illegal Art roster is more than deserved; while marking his territory in the micro-to-macro sample scene. In fact, this is one of the most consistent releases this side of a Girl Talk album that still manages to jump everywhere at once. From the opening white noise spurts of the titular track the album jumps into its style – short samples of almost anything chopped up and layered to make a new thing. Rather than mash songs up, or even make one single beat with these samples, it’s more like taking a salt flat, then dicing it up to make it a mountain. Unassuming clips like the vocal hook around 2’06” could be from anything, as could the beat. Rather than mean that in any bad way, it’s amazing. Almost every sample is recognizable in some facet, but rarely can they be identified immediately (I won’t say where, but after the third listen I was able to confirm some Aphex Twin. Animal Collective is an immediate ID, though). Much like the opener, ‘That’s Not Me’ helps solidify the feel and sound of Junk Culture, what with those lovingly mid-fi cutups and hi-fidelity drums and a damn good ear for vocal samples. I could go on about the shorter tracks, which can go from short half noise compositions to ruminations on loops. Part of what’s so nice and even comforting about West Coast is knowing that the only constant is change. If you don’t like what’s happening, give it about seven seconds to shift to a new part. By the time a part gets stale (which rarely happens), it’s changed. Obviously Mantena knows timing and pacing very well, and as a result each composition comes off as a labor of love and a master thesis on sample digging. The ability to get this and anything else over at Illegal Art for your own price will obviously drive people to get this for $0, but for this kind of work and success, even $1 means something. Hell, I’m super excited for the next thing to come out from this guy. We all should be. Photobucket