Label: Ed Banger Records Link: Assembled in 4 parts, this flat-packed EP from Dior Homme's Spring/Summer '09 show in Paris has got heads turning. Following in the footsteps of estranged techno cousins Daft Punk, who created a mix for Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 08 Womenswear, Justice's catwalk collaboration of classing and modernised music combined makes this eerie remix unmistakeably Justified. As if a diet of apples and leaves wasn't enough of a strain on the catwalk supermodels, I can only imagine what it might feel like walking down that runway unable to explode into full robotics. Lucky for us that are unable to fit into minus-sized clothing that we are allowed to thrash about like faulty machinery as this runway remix is released as a 4-part single.  Planisphere wouldn't look out of place in the opening credits of Frankenstein or other similarly eerie retro horror movies. Opening with lashings of echoing piano composed almost with the intention of making you cack your pants, the intro fades out for a mere millisecond and the track is resuscitated with the use of drum machines and elements of rave, house, acid house and techno that makes you feel like you're at four different parties at once. The final verdict? It seems a shame that this monster of a track was released for the intention of it's listeners walking to it, but now it's open to the public I'm sure we'll make proper use of it.