If the modern era of French musicians is known for anything, surely it is electronic music. Kap Bambino will be hoping to reach the dizzying heights of their fellow countrymen, and perhaps Devotion is just the album to do that. Released through Because Music, who impressively boast Metronomy and Justice on their roster, there are high expectations for this Bordelais duo.

For anyone unfamiliar with their work, Kap Bambino probably sit somewhere in an alleyway between Crystal Castles' squat and School of Seven Bells' château, but they probably spend more time peering in to see what Ethan Kath is doing. The first five tracks on Devotion probably make up one of the best beginnings to an album I've heard all year, however, despite this promising start, the album cannot maintain its high standards. Very quickly the sound starts to grate, and whilst 'Trapping' and 'Under Tender' send the album out on a high note, it seems to be a case of too little too late. Devotion almost mirrors the plot to Behind Enemy Lines. A great start and a fantastic ending with Gene Hackman destroying half the Bosnian army, is spoilt by Owen Wilson running round in circles for forty-five minutes, only to end up exactly where he started. While you may feel positive about the film afterwards, you can't help but feel that with a bit more direction in the middle, it could've been so much better.

For anybody searching for something to entertain themselves until Crystal Castles release their third album, then Devotion is probably something that'll kill some time for you. Some stunning tracks are padded out by album filler, and even though they showcase their versatility at times, it's not often enough. As an extra side note for any conspiracy theorists out there who look at their name and think of Childish Gambino, you should know that Bambino means child in Italian. It's not quite Area 51, but at least you can't say you didn't learn something today.