“Welcome to Kasabian Airlines, free cocaine and cold sandwiches”.

If I were told that what was how Kasabian lead singer Tom Meighan was going to address the crowd on Monday morning before the gig, I would have laughed at them in the face. This however, was no normal gig.

What was definitive as we arrived at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium, was that we would be traveling to an unknown venue to see one of Britain’s so called “super-groups” play to a crowd no larger than 250 people. What I had heard was that I was going to see this “super-group” with 250 people in a small village in Leicestershire, Bruntingthorpe, which holds host to an old US military base. Anyway, less about the history. What actually happened far surpassed my thoughts. Bruntingthope aerodrome was the place but the venue for the night was in a Boeing 747 ”jumbo-jet” aeroplane. Wow. Thanks VEVO, you have just made one of the best ever gig venues.

As a local lad, born and bred in the wonderful area of Leicestershire, I feel I should be die-hard Kasabian fan. But I’m not. I think they have the odd “alright” song but other than that I’m just not that keen. Now I’m going to use a phrase that I personally hate and I think its overused all the time, but. “They definitely are a live band”.

What did I expect from possibly the biggest band in the UK right now? I don’t really know but one thing for sure was that it was very special. The night was set after a few free-beers and a rammed pork sandwich, courtesy of local trader, Neil Green.

Starting with album titled track, 'Velocirapter', the crowd seemed slightly apprehensive to be that lively at first. How things had changed by the 3rd song. Feeling the floor of plane shake is an odd, and slightly worrying experience, to say the least.

With a mainly 'West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum' mid-set, what a mouthful that is, the crowd made the plane feel more like a bouncy castle, then something that would fly across the world, as stated later on by guitarist Serge. 'Fast Fuse' went into the infamous Pulp Fiction soundtrack, 'Miserlou', by Dick Dale, which lead onto 'Vlad The F****** Impaler' as introduced by lead vocalist Meighan.

The anthemic 'Fire' rounded off the incredibly unique night, which was one, which definitely changed my views on Kasabian. They may already have an absolutely huge fan base, but they have definitely gained an extra fan in me.