Label: Island Release Date: 16/03/09 Link: Every week I send out a list of promos that have arrived into 405 HQ to all the writers. They pick something they'd like to review and I send it to them. For every email I send out I'll get a million back but even with that said, I wasn't entirely shocked by the lack of responses to review the latest single ('Better Than This') by Keane! I'm not exactly the biggest Keane fan in the world; I find their music uninspiring, dull and other words that mean the same thing, so you could say I was taking one for the team. Well thats what I thought anyway. Late last year they reappeared with Perfect Symmetry which saw the band try and shake their dreary image. Instead of the 3 minute souless ballads they used to churn out, the band went down a slightly funkier and upbeat route (see 'Spiralling') which was a welcome departure in my opinion. Thankfully they've continued the 'happy' theme by releasing 'Better Than This'. Based aorund singer Tim Rice-Oxley's hatred of what makes someone a celebrity these days, the song is full to the brim with handclaps, swirls and lush backing vocals. Ok, Oxley's lyrics aren't exactly original or profound but I can't help but to agree with what he says and the way it's backed up by the rest of his band. Rating: 7/10