Label: Lucky Number Release Date: Out Now! Website: Assigning a genre to a band is always a tricky game. You could pick ten bands from within one genre and still find major differences between their sounds, thats just the way it is. For me, Indie is one of the most overly used genre tags and is the one that causes the most confusion. Well for me anyway. Manchester based band Keith are billed as an indie band and rightfully so, but they also have a jazzy edge to them. Usually I would fully condone a crossover move like that, just listen to Karate, but it just doesn't work with British indie. It's not catchy or mainstream enough to sell copies and it's not good enough to get that crossover audience. What I ended up listening to was a farily dull and dilluted song. Even if I had listened to 'Lullaby' a million times in a row, I'm still pretty confident that being able to describe the song to someone a few minutes later would be difficult and that goes for every aspect of the song. Lullaby or Coma? Rating: 3.5/10